When automatic sinks don't turn on...

Waiting for an interstate exit with a bathroom, waiting for the water to turn on in one of those automatic motion sensing faucets that isn't working right...waiting can be irritating...

Waiting is good. 

I'm just going to leave that sit there while you roll eyes, wrestle with it, and demand more explanation than I can give.  But God says waiting is good.  Probably socially and mentally too, but spiritually there's something about waiting, and waiting on God, that is good.  

Healthy waiting has expectancy - expecting God to show you or lead you while actively pursuing Him. Big growth comes from that kind of waiting. 

I'd like to caution us. Healthy waiting does not mean a suspension of activity and vibrant communion with Jesus and people. 

That's when we move and wait to find a church community or healthy Christians to be around but it never actually happens.

It's when churches say "We haven't had any senior high youth in the past few years".  And then wait until the little ones grow up...those little ones who will probably drift into the abyss of dysfunctional families, busy after school schedules, and little meaningful church connection....which means no youth group in the future either.

Waiting is when we don't like where we are right now and 'wait for God' - do nothing while we wait for circumstances to force, excite, or encourage us to actively pursue Him again.

That is a suspension of activity kind of waiting. Waiting can be an excuse not to actively pursue Him. I'm fairly certain God is calling all except the most medically challenged to something at this very moment. We wait - expectantly praying and pursuing Him for something, but continue to serve, pray, read, be with other Christians, and support ministry and the work God is doing around us.

Let's pray we will be ready to step out of that when it happens to us

If you're currently waiting - actively pursue Him in the church, community, work, home situations where He has put you - while expectantly pursing and asking Him about what you're waiting for.