What We Do

Hey, we're like anyone else, not everything is scheduled and planned! We play sports, watch movies, get headaches, go shopping, fishing, and solve all the worlds problems over plates and glasses at local restaurants!  The following is a means to an end - Loving God and loving others, these are particular ways we happen to do that together!


7pm Free Dinner - we eat dinner, don't complicate this, it's really simple!  

8pm CSF college gathering - whether you had your diapers changed in church or are skeptical of church, join a bunch of other imperfect people!


10am Church - Recent alumni and families gather with college students for church


Circles are better than rows.   Contact us if you'd like to connect with others in this way:

Women's Small Group:  
Krissy loves to meet with other women.

Picket Fences:  
Whether you had white picket fences, crooked ones, or none, Ally (senior CSF student) wants to create dialogue that helps us understand our varied backgrounds together. 

C.S. Lewis Small Group
Without quoting one bible verse C.S. Lewis wrote one of the most impactful Christian books of all time.  That's worth a read! We'll sample a few excerpts from his writings rather than cover gobs of material. 

Financial Small Group:
Because "yes", "no", " and "go get a job" are too little information - having some financial perspective would be great!  Lead by alumni Nick Paden and Gary Gross. 

 (more info)


Morgantown, WVU, WV, and the world, are better off because we're here!  Contact us for more info on the following:

October 7-8 Dam the Flood Southern WV Flood Relief trip

Local repair projects in homes and buildings.  Through The Shack, a local organization serving Morgantown.

Family Team:  A team of students who want to build strong families in Morgantown.
A student and family collaborative where students build families through one or two events each semester, teaching children Sunday morning. 

Spring Break:  TBD
In the past we've done disaster relief in New York City, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Orleans, Southern WV flooding, and been to Atlanta, Mexico, and more. 

Jesus Prom:  Students travel to Gateway Christian Church in St. Albans, WV during the spring semester to help them with an enormous community wide outreach to the special needs community. 


Women's Overnight sleep over:  TBD
Women engage movies, games, life, faith, and probably chocolate.