Today a freshmen provided an unending trail of chatter as they walked with an RA (Resident Assistant).  I never noticed the RA speak though I can imagine there was a faint social cue or "hmm, hmmm" that I didn't catch. Maybe it was the RA's freshmen year.  Maybe it was the solar eclipse (which a few of us CSFer's are going too!). Something was causing their eyes to glaze over.  And we've all been there, our eyes can be telling. What they stare at, when they do double takes, expressions, concentration, crying.

Psalm 25:15 "My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare." 

Eyes always on the Lord - come on?  Really? For me sometimes my eyes are on church, the bible, and prayer.  But if it's for a lesson, a meeting, a wedding, a funeral, or just content, then my eyes are on the look out for content, not Jesus.  And that's not a good feeling nor what we want.  Imagine if I just looked to my wife strictly for content, information, practical advice and never actually had my eyes on her.  She might suggest she's seen that before, but don't you believe it!  But I don't want that for her or my faith, that's just lame and watered down.  I want to remember there's something powerful, beautiful, and purposeful about having our eyes set on Jesus.

We are just a glance away from melting away struggles and opening up massive possibilities this very moment.  If every Christian had eyes on Jesus every day, even just for a moment, hearts, communities, marriages, foster children, churches, work places, and possibilities would explode around churches all over the world. We are new creations, we just need eyes for it. It starts with you. 

Read through a gospel. But first set aside all the nursery rhymes, chalk boards, crafts, and stuff of the past. Let your imagination picture the scenes like you do when you read a novel.  Set your eyes on *that* Jesus.  Because it's a wild ride, he is crazy, the good kind of crazy.  In deeds, actions, words, and character.

Set your eyes on something powerful from the author and creator of life every day - Put a slick app on your favorite device.  These guys thought it so important they hired top notch engineers and visionaries and created this FREE app which makes it super easy to just sign up for a reading plan or see a verse every day.  There are other apps as well that just send a verse every day.  Do it!