Moving closer to community...

CSF is moving college gathering time from Sunday nights to Wednesdays at 8pm. 

"I haven't been home much this semester, maybe 5 weekends." -freshmen at the Rec Center. A church we're connected to has a WVU student who goes home every weekend.  Another church put me in touch with a freshmen that goes home every weekend. A news article was quoting stats that said West Virginia residents rank in the top 5 for things like "Most often talk to family."  "Most likely to talk to a neighbor."  "Most likely to help a neighbor in a given year." That's something to be proud of folks!  But wait, so students are more connected to home which pulls them away from weekends at college making it harder for them to connect to faith when they're already busy with majors, groups, student organizations, sports, and more.  In the past year or two that's affected CSF more than in the past.  

There's local constraints to weekends as well, family come to visit, PRT and buses don't run, and WVU's new schedule reduces availability. Holiday weekends are tough and Thanksgiving and Spring Breaks mean almost 3 weeks of not gathering. That's not conducive to community building.  And students have noticed and talked about it the past two years.

But more importantly - CSF leaders are talking about "How do we create an environment conducive to WVU students connecting with each other and faith?" A common gathering time is one small ingredient to a much more important question we look forward to doing the best we can with!  And leaders are creating a safe, welcoming, home style space with revised service elements as well to further our mission.  We're looking forward to it!

So we are moving gathering time to Wednesdays but more importantly we're moving closer to community and investing and equipping our team to lead, serve, and move closer to Christ as well!