Surrounded By Your Glory

Gary, Krissy, Ginger, & Clayton Gross

Our bio might typically include: Krissy earned an Education Degree from Kentucky Christian University, built homes in Mexico for Crossroads Missions, interned at Georgia Tech Christian Campus Fellowship (CCF), and started a campus ministry in Santiago, Chile with Globalscope.  
Gary’s education includes Atlanta Christian College, an Aerospace Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and current seminary work at Cincinnati Bible Seminary. Gary had a one year internship at CCF and 3 month internship at Southwest Christian Church in Atlanta. Gary interned for 3 and worked full time for 2 engineering companies.
Krissy and Gary volunteered with youth at New Hope Fellowship Church in Maryland while Krissy taught English as a Second Language, and Gary was Flight Software Engineer for the AQUA satellite at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. 
Then God knocks in 2006 and calls us away from those careers to West Virginia University (WVU) to serve at the Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) where I now teach racquetball classes for WVU as well. Through this winding journey, Krissy and I have been surrounded by His Glory. God has flooded our lives with people and experiences, all in preparation for serving Him.
I love waking up with and coming home to Krissy, and our children Ginger and Clayton (named after a family mentioned here), who constantly surround me with His glory and the joy of family! Our family surrounds us with unwavering love and commitment. I’ve been surrounded by long time friends Justin Shewell and Ed Yeargan. In college I was surrounded by His glory when Ken & Signa Yingling took me to church for the first time. I was unknowingly surrounded by His Glory in high school by Marc Buckler who I followed to Georgia Tech and CCF. CCF surrounded us with His Glory, pointed me to God for the first time, and grew in us a passion for people. Rick Harper, that anonymous letter writer, Heather Pearce, Laura Carey, Randy Arrowood, Neal Baker, Ryan & Bethany Kiesshauer, Courtney Wilson and family, and the Clayton family who can not help but to surround others with His Glory. We were surrounded by His Glory with people at New Hope Fellowship, who embraced and endured my first church experience! The Mills, and others like them, surrounded us with His Glory. Now at CSF we have been surrounded by His Glory with Sandy and Susan Bigelow and more. That letter, you servants, and those rare gems that support God’s work in uncanny ways that no one else knows about (don’t ever stop trusting God like that!). Giving, loving, and praying for the Glory of God. Many have surrounded us and the CSF. We stand on the shoulders of others, surrounded by His Glory. 
Our bio looks something like that – a sweeping and vivid portrait of God’s Kingdom and purpose spread across miles, years, lives, and experiences. We are grateful to be surrounded by His Glory, 
Gary Gross
Campus Minister CSF
Luke 12:48 “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”