Jesus Prom

Michael, Renee, Stacy, Matt, and I traveled to Charleston, WV last Sunday to assist Gateway Christian Church with their annual Jesus Prom.   You may be wondering: “What is a Jesus Prom?”  It is a huge event, similar to prom, for people with special needs and their caretakers.  Gateway certainly didn’t hold back from giving these deserving people an amazing experience.  We escorted guests down the red carpet and to their tables, served a 3-course dinner, and danced with the guests to a live band.  It was amazing!
Renee had this to say about the event:
I was so amazed at everyone that volunteered for this event! It’s great when you see a church do wonderful things for people who are truly deserving, but it’s even greater when you see the whole community selflessly loving others like God intended. 
When the guests arrived, they had the option for free hair and make-up.  Then, one of the church youth/volunteers escorted each guest down the red carpet to rounds of applause and cheering.  Every guest even had the opportunity to do an interview while “paparazzi” flashed their cameras.
I spent most of my time with two guests: Jimmy, who I escorted, and Addison, who I danced with.  Jimmy was amazingly enthusiastic and friendly.  He knew everyone and asked me if he could call me “Sister Julie”. I even met his sweetheart, Thelma!  I  was very fortunate to meet Addison, a sweet older gentleman, and we tore up the dance floor together :) His caretaker informed me that he nearly died from pneumonia and had to learn to walk again.  What a miracle that he was able to dance!
After experiencing Jesus Prom myself, I believe it’s something everyone should experience at least once in his or her life.  It is a beautiful example of God’s love demonstrated by His church!
-- Julie Adams, CSF Intern