Spring Break 2012

CSFers at recent fundraising bake sale.

We’ve been to New Orleans.

We’ve been to Maytown.

This year, Christian Student Fellowship is going to Joplin, MO for Spring Break 2012. As many of you know, Joplin was hit hard last year by an F-5 tornado that completely leveled the town. Hundreds of people tragically lost their lives, and even more lost their homes, their jobs, and their way of life.

Joplin has a huge need, and CSF is totally pumped to help meet that need. On March 24th, we are leaving from Morgantown to hook up with a group called Rebuild Joplin to connect with, work with, and love the people of Joplin.

We have about 11 people going with us this year, 4 of which have never been on a mission trip with us.  A couple have never been on a mission trip ever! Not only is this going to be a great opportunity to meet and love new people, but also it will be a week of facing new challenges, exploring our faith, and growing with each other in Christ.

Matt Law


Joplin pictures from Josh Walker. Taken with 36 hours of the tornado: