New friends in Joplin :)

Today was definitely my favorite of the trip so far! For most of the day, our group split in half. Five of us spent the day mudding and sanding drywall as we worked with Americorps to help Dan (a really cool old guy) rebuild his house. The other half of our group helped Eric ( a young hairdresser and artist,)fix up the outside of his house to deter the city from demolishing it.

Then, we spent an amazing evening with Carol, a woman we met while helping the Salvation Army yesterday. She has a huge heart for God and people and she's always expressing how thankful she is for volunteers! She invited us to eat dinner at her church, where we met a lot of loving people with amazing stories (they even made special placemats just for us...see picture) Then she showed us all around Joplin, telling us her story and others' stories along the way. We are so very thankful for Carol and her church, St. Paul United Methodist, for making this trip so special!

Check back for more details and updates after we get back to Morgantown!