"I'm going to WVU...& CSF is the main reason!" Mid Ohio Valleys 5th year CSF partnership

Highschool kids wanting to attend WVU because of Jesus, because of CSF, to worship and serve God at WVU!  Awesome spiritual seeds are getting planted through YOUR efforts at CSF! Listen to Matt Law below about his time at the Mid Ohio Valley Youth Retreat, CSF's 5th year at this camp.  - Gary


MOHVYR was awesome! It was challenging because I walked in not knowing anyone (except Marvin Whiteman), but I walked out with brothers and sisters in Christ and relationships that I hope will last a lifetime.

I gave four messages with the theme, "Light Up Your Life." I divided it up into four questions.

  • Who is the light? (Jesus) 1 John 1:5-7, John 1:4,5
  • What did Jesus do that was so important?/What do we do about it? (He gave everything when He owed us nothing/We accept Him, let Him light up our lives, and share His light with everyone) Matthew 5:14-16
  • When should we light up our lives? (The time is NOW) Matthew 25:1-13
  • How do we share the Light? (Love) Romans 12:9-21

Everything went spectacular. Outside of the messages, Marv was amazing at leading worship, there were some awesome counselors, (a few campers from years past, two girls from Mid-Atlantic Christian University, and a guy from Kentucky Christian University), and all of the staff were encouraging and positive throughout the weekend. 

A little girl came up to me while I was working on my last message. She looked me dead in the eye with the most serious face and says very enthusiastically, "I'm getting baptized on Sunday!" Nuff said. I hi-fived her and told her that was the most awesome thing ever.

A high-school girl came up to me after I talked about CSF and WVU and answered questions. She said, "I'm definitely going to WVU, and I want you to know that CSF is the main reason I'm going." Her name is Haley (don't know about spelling), and I'm hoping she finds me on Facebook.

A couple of girls and a little boy came up during invitation. I'm not sure of exactly what their plans are, but definitely be praying for them.

It was a great weekend of camp, and I hope that I get to go back again next year. Maybe next year I won't be going it alone!

Matt Law
2013 WVU Graduate & CSF Alumni, former intern, & worship leader