Preparation For Joplin

As you can imagine, preparation for a mission trip is chaotic, stressful, and requires a massive cooperative effort from everyone involved. However, I am convinced that God had His hand over us through all of it. No matter how much time or money was required to get it done or how impossible the work seemed, God gave us everything we needed.

The preparation for CSF’s trip to Joplin consisted of three main areas:  getting connected with groups in Joplin, determining and satisfying the financial need, and developing a curriculum for a God-focused week.

For us, getting connected was the easiest part. Originally, Catalyst Church was running the show. Josh Walker used to live in Joplin and had been there already to help after the tornado. He got us hooked up with Rebuild Joplin and Carterville Christian Church for the week. Unfortunately, Catalyst was not able to make it on the trip with us, but we still owe them a huge “thank you.”

The curriculum was entirely developed by CSFers. We studied the “D’s of Devotion,” and bible studies were created by some of the CSFers who went on the trip. We talked about one topic each day including dedication, diligence, dream, debt, discipleship, and devotion. The curriculum was focused entirely on our walk with God and our growth as Christians.  Thanks to all the CSFers who contributed to an awesome week of studying God’s Word.

Finally, we had to determine and meet the financial need. This year was originally the cheapest mission trip we have had in a while; all we needed to pay for was gas and food. Unfortunately, we also had a few added expenses, mainly from the car accident on the way out there. As you’ll read in Jared’s article, God protected us from a tire blowout that left one car undriveable but every person and every bit of cargo unharmed. Because of supporters like you, along with a two-day bake sale hosted by CSF and many contributors along the way, we were able to meet every financial need that arose.

We are very thankful that God was able to give us such an awesome trip to Joplin. Even though preparation was chaotic and stressful at times, He had His hand on us through the whole thing. Every connection was made. Every day was fruitful. Every need was met, and we had an amazing mission trip.


[Written by Matt Law]