Joplin Organizations

During 2012's spring break trip we had the opportunity to go to Joplin, Missouri and assist two great organizations, Rebuild Joplin and AmeriCorps. As we entered Rebuild Joplin's office on our first day, I noticed images, inspiring stories, and signatures from volunteers surrounding me. The woman speaking with us was very kind and very happy to see new volunteers. They had many different jobs going on throughout the town, many of which involved AmeriCorps whom we worked side by side with. They had numerous jobs waiting for us and we gladly went. Everyone we worked with was extremely enthusiastic about their work. Some even told of how happy they were that they'd gotten the chance to be stationed in Joplin. Seeing their love and passion inspired me. These people weren't forced into these jobs, it wasn't their family business. No, these people signed up to help out of kindness. I've beein raised around faith, hard work, and helping others. That week in Joplin made me realize what I want to do with my  life. The work we did during that time, helping others physically and emotionally, it's my dream job.