Back To School Party

This Saturday, August 17th at 8:00pm CSF will be having a party to celebrate the new school year. We'll be having music, games, corn hole, dancing, and plenty of tasty food! This first weekend with will a busy time, especially for freshman, but stop by whenever you can to hang out and make new friendships. Check out the Facebook event for more information.

Hobbit Release Party

We just finished up three nights of Feed Your Finals at CSF, but we're not stopping there! Led by Jared and Marissa, CSF is hosting a Hobbit movie release party on Thursday, December 14th. The official festivities start at about 5pm, but folks will be hanging out in the "Shire" pretty much all day long. Be sure to bring your appetite.

Activities throughout the day include all of the typical hobbit meals (first breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, etc), Tolkien-inspired games, and tons of other fun. Costumes are encouraged, but not required. If you're planning on going to the midnight premiere, a large group of us will be heading to Hollywood Theaters for the 2D show. Check out the Facebook event for more information and updates.

Upcoming Events

Rock Band

Saturday, January 9 7:30 pm

Saturday Night is Rock Band night at the CSF! And what's different about this Rock Band Night, as opposed to others? Well, we're gonna suggest you dress Rockers! That's right, go all rock and roll (but still appropriate, lol) if you fee like it, and we'll rock till we drop!

Back To School Party

Friday, January 15, 7:00 pm

Our first big event of 2010...and we're celebrating a new year, with a brand new tournament. We're playing ping pong, Olympic style round robin...where every point counts. Think you're not very good at ping pong? That's ok, it's the kind of sport where you still have fun even though you're missing every ball (I know that from experience), and your team will root you on till the end! Just not into ping pong? Come and enjoy the show! We'll have Kool Aid ;)