Spring Break Oh Ten ('10)

A few alumni have called and asked about Spring Break 2010 and helping to make that happen.  Thank you for contacting me, that alone is encouraging and comforting to know that you are out there and urgent about what's happening at WVU and Spring Break! Pray for attitudes and flexibility (include me in that, I'm human too!).

Missions trips are very special for a ministry. They are revealing personally and spiritually and I think that's why alumni ask and contribute eagerly, they recall those moments of growth and revelation. That doesn't come by accident – it touches on some deep truth: one week living together in service to God points to Jesus living his life with the disciples.

Every.  Single.   Day. 

Imagine being with a community of Christians for every minute of the day.  Jesus did it for like 3 years minus a few assignments and tasks. I think missions trips get to the heart of that when we're with folks in that capacity for a week. We grow in our awareness of God, people, ourselves, and how Jesus saw the world.

The cost for 19 to go is about $8,000. We carried over $500 from last year’s mission trip and a current CSFer offered to cover the van expense of $800-$1,200, and two other CSFer's are offering vehicles as additional passenger and luggage capacity to get there.  We need to raise $6,300 or $350 per person which is our goal.

Students are excited. Allison, JD, Katy, and others are building all sorts of creative visuals at the CSF house to track our support progress: a Crawfish pot and hanging Crawfish similar to "Monkeys in a Barrell"!  They have a collection pot for change.  Ryan is leading a fast in March to prepare us and he's taking care of some logistics as well.  Matt is planning a lunch for the ride to save on costs and complexity. Nick is planning some online media.  Updates on these will come.

We're not just going on a missions trip...we are being molded, challenged, and growing in our awareness of God through prayer, community, working together, and fasting. Thanks for making that possible, that's why we do this!  Let this be an encouragement to you as you go about your lives, communities and continue to stay connected to CSF.