Back To School

Class is almost in session! This Friday, August 17th we will once again be helping WVU students move into the dorms surrounding CSF. Many CSFer's, and some out of town volunteers, will be coming to serve some of the incoming students (and their families). It will be a long, tiring day so please pray that we can keep the energy and enthusiasm going and hopefully make some new friends!

If you'd like to come help out, check out the Facebook event here.  We'll be having breakfast at 7:30am and begin moving around 8:00am. You can stop by anytime though; we can always use some fresh legs to step up and tag out a weary volunteer!

Are You Moved Recap

This fall 5,000 new freshmen began their college experience here at WVU. Can you picture it? Trucks and SUV’s filled to the brim with everything from laptops to snow boots. New freshmen leaving everything they’ve known for 18 years and living on their own. It’s mind blowing, isn’t it?

‘Are you Moved’ is all about helping freshmen move in and inviting them to be a part of CSF. This year I was blown away by all of my friends that made ‘Are you Moved’ a priority. Helping to move in freshmen with CSF has always been dear to my heart since Gary & Krissy helped me move back in 2006. I personally know the value and importance in this project because it’s hard to imagine my college experience without CSF. Being involved in CSF as a freshman really helped me open up and make friends within a positive Christian community that loved me.

[Written by Renee Pugh for the September 2010 newsletter, which can be downloaded here]

Are You Moved?


Let's move in those lost and frantic freshmen!! 

This coming Friday, August 20th CSF will be stationed at Towers and possibly some other dorms to help move in students.  Breakfast will start at 7:30 am for all helpers, and then we'll start the movin' and go throughout the afternoon.

If you know of someone that is moving in Friday be sure to tell them to come find us! Also, if you want to help us out in anyway stop by the CSF house Friday! Check out the event listed on our Facebook page to RSVP or get more information.