500 high school students await!

            High School students leave family, church, home, friends, communities, and everything they have ever known for college. After 18 aims to engage 500 students in that wide eyed, nail biting transition! CSF is adding Camp Christian in PA to our Summer 2015 camp line up.

Our secret weapon is….is you! 
Yes you. CSF WVU student, you! You used to be in high school. Been there, done that, get it: you!

You work? And live far away during summer? We get it. CSF, through partner churches and alumni, work to make available $295 scholarships per camp to offset travel expenses and taking off that boring summer job!

After 18 Senior High Camps/Summer Positions:
Jun 14 - 19           Howell's Mill in Ona, WV
Jun 14 - 19           Camp Christian in Mill Run, PA
June 21 - 26         Elkhorn Valley in Ohio
June 28 - July 3    Howell's Mill in Ona, WV
July 12 - July 17  Tri-State in Winchester, VA
July 1 - 3             Mid Ohio Valley Youth Retreat in Paden City, WV
July                     Student orientation every M-F @ WVU

Contact Cari Gregg (csgregg@mix.wvu.edu) for an application or questions

I long for churches, camps, and CSF, to look big and connected, like an enormous statewide team partnering together, knowing that college students are a vital part of WV. When you see or hear about camps and CSF's presence there - smile and be grateful we can do this together - and pray for 500. More information is coming to support After 18, allow CSF to jump through doors God is opening, and make the 500 happen!