SENT Sunday @ 10am: CSF legends reflect on post WVU life!

Sunday 10am service only this week. No evening service this week.

SENT: What happens to you after graduation? Recent CSF WVU alumni, Brandon and Renee Pugh, share about that Sunday @ 10am. When not selecting flowers for the kitchen table Renee is a Social Worker.  Brandon dangles USB drives from every belt loop in route to the IT/Computer Science sector.

Some of Jesus’ last commands are “Go” and “I am sending you”. In college ministry nearly 100% of the leaders, givers, movers, doers, shakers, and caring servants are sent! What an awesome opportunity college students have to "Go" and be sent!

Sent to new states. Sent to careers. Sent to churches. Sent to communities. College ministry alumni are a sprawling field of energy, influence, and opportunity. Sent Sundays are a not-to-be-missed glimpse into God’s unfolding story in the lives of recent graduates of CSF WVU!