Fireworks, nerf guns, restoring Morgantown!

Success! MTMT - Spring Break 2013.

Isaiah 40:8  “the word of our God endures forever." Maybe someone thought it can’t hurt to have this word under the floor boards, so we left this under the floor we repaired.

Recovered nerf guns and "crossbow" aided our tool supply.

Note the mission trip first for all of us - we took a snow shovel!

No railing or handrails – Dustin is on that (figuratively speaking).

A cold hot water heater is no good! Michael Morey and Matt Law will insulate and cover that up.

Tiffany – keeping porch posts and workers level….headed.

Beth did a great job desconctruting and pulling nails out.

Julie with a drill! And Tiffany encouraging...she's always like that!

Lance made it this last extra day - making his presence on 6 consecutive mission trips with CSF!

Dustin Whitt ended with fireworks! The mission trip was over but we had one project unfinished. Dustin worked all day, left work, drove an hour to pick up Lance who had car issues, and they helped finished this porch. Good thing since I don’t think the rest of us had any experience installing a metal roof. Talk about resolve!

Well done 9 CSFer’s who invested in Morgantown for MTMT: Spring Break 2013!  Excellent job Dustin, Tiffany, and Rachel for being at all the sites, every day! Many hugs and high fives for Tiffany organizing paper work, meetings, site visits ahead of time, preparing meals, quiet times, and more!