This does change everything...

There is a story...legend maybe...of a guy being demanding at an airport ticket counter and saying "Do you know who I am?" The airline agent gets on the microphone/speaker, "Attention, does anyone know this gentlemen in front of me? He seems to have forgotten his name?"

I don't think Jesus was being demanding or forgot his name when he asked, "Who do you say I am?"  Matt 16:15.  

Note the "you" is plural. King James version is helpful in this regard as it uses "y" pronouns for plurals like "ye, you, your" and "t" pronouns for singular like "the" and "thou".  In modern english "you" is singular and plural so one can't tell whether it's referencing a person or a group. So here Jesus is addressing all the disciples, not just Peter, though he is recorded as replying.

This (the question, not ye and thou!) changes everything - who is Jesus?  Have you checked Him out?  Who is He?  When we see Him for who He is it really does change everything...creator, giver, Savior, lover of humanity and all that is good, perfect, hopeful, and healing in the world.  That is worth following, I can sign up for that.

"The knowledge of God is very far from the love of Him." Blaise Pascal