Group Times

Everyday we would go out and work with other people, but when our group was alone we were able to focus on each other. Three of us were new and these moments were great opportunities to feel more at home with CSF. Devotions, being more substantial interactions, automatically made us newbs understand everyone else and to let the rest of the group get to know what we are like.

We also cooked together. Doing simple chores would often bring opportunities of silliness, which always makes a group feel more comfortable around each other. The week was long and stressful at points. So for us to kick back, laugh, and do simple activities was very necessary for everyone’s well being.

The first night we were away we stayed at a church that Katy’s Aunt attends. We had dinner, supplied by her Aunt and Uncle, and devotions, then we went in to the gym and goofed off. It was fun to be goofy but also really important since it is such a great way of feeling comfortable around each other; especially since we had the whole week ahead of us.

[Written by Kerry Kunze]