Sandy meet Students! NYC Hurricane Relief Trip Nov 16-20

We are headed to Long Island to do some work Saturday and Sunday and then to Staten Island Monday.  Communication is limited so we are unsure about what needs the communities we will be in have. We have partnered with a childrens facility for housing on Long Island that is organizing housing  and coordinating with local churches for actual needs and projects.  We will be in Staten Island monday to help a community there.

We are also in contact with a former WVU and former CSF person who lives close to the shore and is mobilizing needs, more on that to come but it looks like CSF may be mobilizing folks in Morgantown for his efforts there which I believe are geared towards folks with special needs.  This is a recent development and still in the works.  

Facebook event for following the current trip:

Great job to individuals, CSFer's, and churches supporting financially.  Well done, congratulate yourself for freeing us to plan logistics on short notice. Join them by finding the paypal button in the contact area of this website.  CSF is a non-for-profit organization so donations to CSF are tax deductible. We have 12 going and our goal now is $1,400 for gas, food, and supplies - including a generator engine for us to install/repair for a guy who blew his motor running his generator 24/7 to power multiple houses/needs/phones in his community in the chaos on Staten Island following the storm.  As of Wed folks have contributed $530 so it is well on the way.

Trip logo designed by our own Kerry Kunze!  Mission trip thermometer, complete with easy background formulaic updating of the amounts - done by freshmen Rachel Morgan!  Michael Morey has been instrumental in securing housing, meals, traveling options.  Rachel Gregory is working with WVU now to put this up on Mix and other WVU services.  Well done team CSF!

Current fundraising goal: