"Murder on the Prairie" -- CSF Murder Mystery 2011

The murderer of Richard Woods.

Calling all lawmen and detectives!

Yesterday in Mitchido, Richard Woods – a wealthy landowner – was shot down in cold blood whilst he was riding to town. He leaves behind his wife Katherine and daughter Annabel. There is a gathering of his family and the townsfolk to discuss what should be done. The people at the meeting look uneasy. They are not sure who will be arrested as the murderer and they are afraid that the gunslighters that are present might take the law into their own hands if they don't like the verdict.

It's your job to figure out who the murderer is! Come to the Mitchido Town Hall (2901 University Ave, Morgantown, WV) to help us catch the no good, dirty rotten, yellow bellied, son of a gun who did it!

See y'all at the meetin'!

Sheriff Clyde Williams

 Show up at CSF on Saturday, November 12th by 7pm. Also, you can check out the Facebook event to RSVP and stay up to date on all the shenanigans coming out of Mitchido.