AIM: Abide In Me


Can someone produce words about surgery, art, science, counseling, dating, plumbing....and yet not have a clue how to do it? We've all had those professors that have never worked a day of their life outside of academia yet talk like they know industry norms....which end up being "norms" from the 80's. You've probably run into a salesmen or someone else that talks a game, knows the right words, but when it comes to really knowing and follow through is a bit lacking. It's closely akin to "arm chair quarter backs" or "back seat drivers". It's easy to inform, talk, and critique but actually doing something and living it out is altogether different.

If someone is claiming to be or know something the expectation is that they not just regurgitate some information but that they truly know. They get it. They live it. They know the application, have experience, they know their way around the intricacies and difficulties. They are not anecdotal about it. They understand the dynamic nature of life and decisions and can inform others given all the variables. They know how to coach others through it that are at all different stages of understanding and experience. They are comfortable, strong, grounded, and confident that no matter what happens they can proceed towards the best possible outcome for anyone or any circumstance. What else would you want from a surgeon, counselor, professional, etc?

As Christians, are we comfortable and grounded in His word?  Does it shape and move us?  Do we live it, do we get it?  Are we onboard God's agenda?

John 15:7 "If you remain in me and my words remain in you...."

Abiding does not mean hearing all sorts of creative things that people say or create based on scripture (although those can be awesome!) - but actually seeing God's word with your own two eyes. Letting it abide and dwell within you. Go live it out in your life and within the Christian community you are a part of. Pray about it. Ask God what it means in light of where you are right now.

So - how do you abide in His words? If you've ever wondered where to start or where to read, this may help. One reading a day will carry you through 2 weeks in the life of Christ, 2 weeks in Paul's letters, and 2 weeks in the Old Testament.  In 6 weeks you could cover a vast, albeit concise, portion of scripture.

Try to soak in God's word and think about what this means. Talk to someone else about it. Pray about it, read through it with someone.  Encourage each other towards this end.  The King of Kings has spoken, everything else is just commentary.

Life of Christ:  Luke 1, Luke 2, Mark 1, Mark 9, Matthew 5, Matthew 6, Luke 15, John 3, John 15, John 17, Matthew 26, Matthew 27, John 20, John 24

Paul's:  Acts 9, Acts 16, Acts 17, Acts 26, Acts 27, Acts 28, Romans 3, Romans 7, Romans 8, I Corinthians 13, I Corinthians 15, Galatians 5, Ephesians 3, Phillipians 2

Old Testament:  Genesis 1, Genesis 3, Genesis 22, Exodus 3, Exodus 20, I Samuel 17, II Samuel 11, II Samuel 12, I Kings 18, Job 38, Psalm 51, Isaiah 40, Isaiah 58, Daniel 6