Remain (abide) in me...

Jesus has astonishing things to say in John 15.  He's got less than a week to live, he's told disciples they will desert him, others that they will betray him, and eluded to leaving the disciples.

John 15:7 "If you remain in me and my words remain in you....."  Things remain in my basement, attic, and garage.  They collect dust and are likely never to be used again or affect me.

The greek word translated in the NIV as "remain" is translated as "abide" in the KJV and conveys the meaning to live in or dwell. This is what Jesus is getting at when he starts this discourse with an illustration of vines and branches. We are to live and abide in him and his words are to live and abide in us. The things (sorry Krissy and Ginger) that abide in my house - they live there, dwell, affect, make a difference.  I make room for them, they impact my life, everything involves them to some degree.  So it is with Jesus. Christ's word is to abide and live within us.  It is to make a difference in our lives. Don't wait for a person, church, conference, or book to move you. They can help, but ultimately it comes down to allowing the words of Christ to abide in and move us.

Circumstances move and shake us.  Money.  Jobs.  Emotions.  Academics. Performance.  Past experiences. The economy. Unhealthy family dynamics. Success. Unhealthy relationships. Every single day I'm faced with a world that wants me to live a circumstantial life. Jesus wants us to live above circumstances to live eternally significant lives. Where circumstances don't drive us, motivate, and move us.  They're realities but we don't have to be products of them.  That can only happen if the word lives within us. How do we know what eternal significance is if we don't know his word, if we only know little snippets here and there and vague ideas? Ever feel like God has some important things to share or you'd like to's true!

What would it look like for every Chrisitian to embrace and live in his words? I would talk different, my selfishness and ego would diminish, my indifference would melt away, i'd see people like God does, the drive to consume all of my time, money, and resources on myself would be challenged, my goals would start to include things God cares about....

You can start by reading John 15.  Then read it again.  Read it until you get it.  Read it until it's in you.  Read it until you're connected to the true vine and pray for that desire to remain in him and he in you.

Some ideas and suggestions to allow God's word to live in you:
Pray about his word.  What does it mean for you? Read it again, read the same verse for a week.  Journal about it. Memorize scripture. Go act on it. Talk to someone else about it.

 Go do it Christian, you are called to that. You are called to eternal significance!