Spring Break 2010 Recap

We took 20 folks for our 3rd year to Crossroads Missions to assist in New Orleans. We were fired up! Katy Riley and others hung crawfish in CSF and then taped them to the van. JD Evans and Allison Willingham constructed a pot of crawfish to track the support raising and constructed a stained glass ornament in honor of St. Roch Community Church where we worked in the past. Ryan Butler kept track of support and was the catalyst for fasting 24 hours together. Dustin Whitt requested a song from everyone to make a trip CD. Krissy organized a birthday care package for CSF WVU alumni Julie Whiteman who has been working for Crossroads in New Orleans for 2 years. Nick Paden put together a dedicated webpage. Our cast of energizer bunnies consisted of Dustin Whitt driving his truck 2,200 miles with our luggage and Lance Harlan and Nick Paden who also assisted with driving.

While we were there we finished some home improvements, rebuilt fences, worked with the New Orleans Mission, repaired two vehicles and a few items in the Crossroads workshop, and cooked for an outreach picnic for the St. Roch community. We got to see Sandy and Susan Bigelow down there as they visited Julie Whiteman at Crossroads.

Every morning we worship, have group time and individual devotions. We have time with God and the rare experience of living together every day which is very encouraging. This leads to some personal and meaningful conversations. I am forever grateful for folks being real, open, honest, and genuine. Personally, my patience and task oriented nature are put under the fire. I like it!

The trip wasn’t without incident but I am grateful we are safe and folks kept a fantastic attitude given the difficulties. Ryan Butler suffered a broken leg. Others encountered poison, were under the weather when we left or had allergies while we were there. But attitudes and focus remained strong through it all.

The finances worked out beautifully. Some don’t have a church home or many options for support. The alumni and churches that support help make this trip not for those who have the right connections, the most Christians in their family, or who grew up in church – but anyone who wants to serve in the name of Christ. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to see some of our new faces go on this trip. Thank you for making that possible. The numbers are still being crunched but it looks like roughly $8,000 was provided and that was our goal. Go God!

Ryan Butler had surgery on his broken leg last week. He needs service hours to be accepted into his 5 year teaching program in the next few weeks. That’s looking increasingly difficult in light of his mobility. This is a prayer request!


[from the April 2010 newsletter, which can be downloaded here]