Remember the CSF building?  Some of you helped build it, prayed for it, funded it, encouraged Sandy and Susan through the hard work.  I'm talking about and enjoying something I had no part in. 

I get to sit here now, after midnight, with a bunch of youth group kids running around CSF. They're having a youth retreat at CSF. Katy and Renee and others are around and played games and got to know them. The adult leaders were blown away because when they left home this evening two girls that don't get along and wouldn't ride in the same car....were sitting next to each other playing a game with Katy and Renee, our interns. I'll be here tomorrow morning helping cook breakfast - those adult leaders are working their back-sides off to make this happen.  They work, volunteer for the youth, married, kids, one is pregnant and they choose this stress (but they love it) of leading a group of young people on a weekend retreat.  Our CSF folks are going to spend about 2 hours with them tomorrow. Taking a tour of campus and sharing

Last week we had another group come from the Paden City area to bring their youth here.  They've invited us to help with their summer retreat the past two summers so we've gotten to know them. Young people and college folks intermingling, getting to know each other.  Young people hanging out at CSF.  Building relationships, making contact. 

If a huge percentage of young people are leaving home for college, are they ready?

Here's a quote from our Facebook page after one of the leaders, Brian Croasmun, left last week:

"I think all the kids are planning to come to WVU now! They had a great time and want to come back. You guys have a great thing going and we are glad to be part of it."

Well that's not so bad is it? Imagine a world where young people want to come to WVU because of CSF, because of Jesus. Read that again. Is that possible?  Is that needed? Does that glorify God? Is that in alignment with His will?  Young people choosing a college because of Jesus, what they can be a part of there, getting a degree while they worship and serve the King of kings!  Is your mind racing?  Goosebumps?  Does that give you pause?

Kids are still running around as I type. Thanks for allowing me to hear the stomping, walking, and pitter patter above my head right now.  Thanks for your support.  Thanks for giving so much to Sandy and Susan to make this place happen.  Thanks for this building.  Thanks for supporting Krissy and I here as well. 

Pray for these jokers,


[Written by Gary Gross for the December 2010 Newsletter, which can be found here]