It's Game Time!

It’s game time. Yes that means mountaineers, hotdogs, cokes, and the Band. It also means school is in session and it’s game time for us embedded in the college environment. We get 30-ish weeks of intensity, it is game on. We have 2 interns this year, Katy Riley and Renee (Hogmire) Pugh started with us last week. Krissy and I moved Renee in her freshmen year for Are You Moved? and little did we know we’d be moving in a future leader, mover, shaker, married woman, and intern of CSF! I’m excited to have two interns, we will learn a lot and I want to invest in people more than anything else. So we’re doing that. Pray for us during game time. Games come and go. Rankings are forgotten. There’s no score on the line, but lives, futures, families, hope, churches, ministries – Kingdom work is at stake, eternally significant things are happening. We’re on the front lines of Kingdom work at the premier educational institution in this state – to face the challenge of living eternally significant lives verses circumstantial ones. That deserves our prayer and support, keep it up, we need it.

[Written by Gary Gross for the September 2010 newsletter, which can be downloaded here]