Fall Leadership Retreat

Early this semester the leaders of CSF got together to talk about the game plan for this year out at Krissy & Garys’.  We were able to create an even more set structure for our newly formed life groups too.  This year our goal is to keep growing as a whole while being open to new students as they explore CSF.  As leaders we want to set the example and set the bar within CSF.  We had a lot of fun within the seriousness of the weekend.  Jared brought his bow and we learned how to shoot a bow.  It was difficult to keep steady and keep the target in site but with practice each of us hit the target.  This exercise parallels our walk with Christ.  At times it is difficult to keep our faith constantly steady.  Life is a roller coaster so it is strenuous to keep our eyes on Christ.  Our aim might be off and we might hit something else instead of our goal.  As leaders we want to make sure that we keep our sites on and are available to help others point towards Christ.

[Written by Katy Riley for the September 2010 newsletter, which can be downloaded here]