WVU architectural drawings are leaping from pages and planting themselves adjacent to CSF. There’s a new Plant and Soil sciences building, dirt mounds pepper the location of the new Ag building, new Recreation fields, new Evansdale Mountainlair stretching skyward as I type – wait until you see it! WVU growth and forward movement is impressive, if not staggering. 15% of all graduating seniors in WV, not just college bound seniors, go to WVU. Would you like to shape the next generation of young leaders and change the world?  Because God’s architectural drawings are also eager to leap from the pages and root themselves in Morgantown!!

CSF is compelled to position itself to “invest in people” in light of this explosive growth. Investing in people means providing opportunities for WVU students to be ministry interns, send more CSF Reps to summer senior high camps, engage churches/youth across WV, as well as being in a position to hire a second full time staff in 1 – 2 years.

100 builders are needed for these architectural plans that will teach and shape future business, community, church, and family leaders. CSF is looking for 100 people that see the value and trials of the college environment, and want to change the world for $20 a month. Student’s careers, marriages, future church leaders, and spiritual decisions hang in the balance. Will you join CSF as we enable God’s architectural plans to leap from the page onto the largest university in WV?


Goal: 100 new supporters @  $20/month


  *Updated February 24, 2014

  *Updated February 24, 2014

We are seeking 100 new supporters of at least $20 each month. If you give $40, it's greatly appreciated, but we're still counting it as one. Check back here to keep tabs on our progress and thanks again for your continued support, both financially and in prayer.