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We meet every Sunday night at CSF for a time of community, sharing of a meal, worship, and teaching. A lot goes into our Sunday night service each week: planning, sermon writing, band practice, content creation, communication, and slide design. These are not a tasks we should take lightly. Delivering the story of Jesus deserves our very best creative efforts. The thinking "it's good enough for church" should not exist. Our best work is often times limited by our resources though. CSF wants to position itself for creative excellence well into the future. We are calling this upgrade initiative RECHARGE.

RECHARGE is a fundraising plan that focuses on upgrading our technology and our building. These upgrades will go a long way to improving the overall experience each week for the students that walk through our doors.

Technology plays an important role in crafting and presenting our service each week. The technology needs are mainly audio/video improvements that will help us to present Jesus in an engaging way and be more efficient in doing so.

The building upgrades we have in mind will help keep CSF looking and running good well into the future. We have a great group of young people at CSF and we want to give them a better atmosphere for worshiping God and creating community with one another. We hope to remodel the downstairs, replace flooring upstairs, improve the sound quality of services, and possibly upgrade our kitchen. The downstairs is probably the most used area of CSF and could use the biggest makeover. Our plans for downstairs could be summed up by "less like a fellowship hall, more like a coffee shop". College life can be a difficult transition for some people. We hope to provide students with a modern, fun, and comfortable hangout/study spot to get away from the college craziness when needed.

Thanks for partnering with us to make a difference in students' lives. Check out our new support page for how to give and more information about our other campaign. Also, if you're interested in being a consistent supporter that would be pretty awesome, too.


The Plan


If you would like more details about what your donation will help fund, or you feel led to donate towards a specific item on our needs list, please get in touch with us. Thanks for your support. 



Goal: $10,000


With your help so far, we were able to purchase a new media computer and software for upstairs and, more recently, a new TV to mount downstairs. Thanks! :)