Who are we? 

We're people with varied stories, interests, and beliefs...you know, we're people!  At CSF you may hear your name along with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings jokes. We are from many continents, urban, rural, uncertain, hopeful, Christian, or not. We enjoy spending time with and hearing from students, and long for a home away from home where we can be ourselves, serve, value others, and leave WVU different than we entered. We serve at The Shack, with children and families in Morgantown and we may dance, play ping pong, play music, hike, play soccer, read, study sometimes.  Drop by or tell us your favorite beverage haunt and we'll meet you there. 


Wednesday WVU Student Gathering:
Dinner @ 7p
Service @ 8p

Sunday Gathering:
Young Professionals @ 10am
Recent graduates and more gather Sunday mornings. 



2901 University Ave
Morgantown, WV 26505