You trust what's in that pocket?

Proverbs 3:5

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."

Yeah that's cute and is in like zillions of pictures and frames. But seriously, do we trust what God has in His pocket?  As we look at Christ's walk to the cross we see how easy it is to miss what trusting in God is like.

Jews were still reeling over the Romans.  A hundred years before Jesus Jews had enjoyed some freedom and autonomy.  Historical accounts outside of scripture tell us that Romans gained control of the territory, beseiged Jerusalem, and even killed priests in the Temple. That's the equivalent of murdering servants in a church. That kind of atrocity against deep and ancient roots of tradition and Godly worship isn't easily forgotten. And they're reminded of it every day via tax collectors, Roman officials, gaurds, politicians, etc. Then Jesus comes. He's got thousands of people following Him. The crowds love Him, He's a great speaker, organizer, and instills energy in His followers.  If anyone could do something about this situation He could do it. He has the sway, He has the power.  He's claiming to be the annointed one, the Messiah, so surely the time is now (and He even said *that* too!). 

But He doesn't deliver. The disciples probably bail on Him because of that tension - knowing His plans weren't what the majority wanted. God's pocket isn't about doing our bidding. What is in God's pocket isn't what the crowds want. It's not their ideal. It's not in alignment with where they think things are headed and it doesn't solve their immediate needs. 

I've been there.  I am there.  I sometimes wonder and have questions and want certain things to happen and want to see things change. Am I willing to trust God? Am I sitting back waiting on Him to follow through? Am I willing or waiting? Am I sitting around waiting for God to do something or willingly and actively engaged in Him and others?

I see the truth of God in that crazy fraternity that Katy, Lauren, Matt and those other jokers are in. Or 4H too. Those jokers are intense about their friends. They "trust" in those friendships.  They value that community. Because that's how God made this world, that's how it's wired. We long for community, intense, real and raw community. And these places touch a part of that truth by having that. The church should be leading the way in being real, honest, growing, maturing, and nurturing an environment of trusting God that looks like that - loving Him and loving others. If we're not doing that - we don't trust God. And that's hard to do these days - money, poltics, business, success, networking, careers, notoriety, one-up on everyone else - that's what makes progress. Loving God and people is what He wants us to trust.

Trust God, seriously trust Him. Let us not wait for "church" to happen, or the right bible study, event, preacher, or person to motivate us...God's pocket is bigger than that and I need to remember that every single day.